Alcon Alink 5801a Cordless4u


Alcon Alink 5801a Cordless4u

ALINK 5801a - Up to 20km Outdoor Long Range Wireless Radio Bridge system 5GHz 11a

Alcon Alink 5801a Cordless4u






  ● For Wireless Backhaul Use.
  ● IP68 Approval.
  ● Operating Temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +70℃
  ● Frequency Range:

The Alcon Wireless Alink-5801a wireless bridge allows you set up wireless outdoor connection without the interferences.

Running your 802.11a Network in the uncrowned 5Ghz ~ 5.8Ghz spectrum, it allow you to have a stable Wi-Fi connection over long distance.

It supports all 3 segments of frequency range so optimal compliance in different region. The frequency range is changeable through the web interface.

Equipped with a cast aluminium water and shock proof enclosure, the Alink-5801a can operate in all kinds of weather condition.

With up to 200mW(23dBm) of power, it reach distance of over 30 kilometres in open space when used with 30dBi Grid Antenna with throughput is more than 6MBPS and it reach distance over 20km with 23dBi Panel antenna with throughput more than 12Mbps

Point-to-point Mode :
Bridges in point-to-point mode connect two networks in different locations through a single wireless link. This allows two widely separated sites to share resources, including a single high-speed connection to the Internet wide area to share resources, including a single high-speed connection to the Internet.

Point-to-Multipoint Mode :
Bridges in point-to-multipoint mode connect three or more networks in scattered buildings through wireless links. This allows numerous sites in a wide area to share resources, including a single high-speed connection to the Internet. This Product is suitable for Backhaul connectivity ,IP Dome camera,TDMoIP and other telecom products.

Auto IP assignment and management
The unit includes a complete Power over Ethernet package with a 25 meter water-proof cable and DC injector unit. Therefore you can use indoor power source and connect to network indoor. The outdoor unit can be installed within close distance to antenna for minimum cable signal loss. The easy- to-use Web management interface features auto Bridge learn and auto IP assignment for simple installation. Data security in protected by the WEP or MAC access control functions. The ALINK-5801a is ideal for deployment in office buildings, farm ranch, resort, and campus environments. Users no longer have to pay high price for dedicated lease line or fiber optic cabling. you can confident with Alcon Wireless's outdoor wireless solution


AP Specification

Standards Compliance

IEEE 802.11a
IEEE 802.3
IEEE 802.3u


32 Mbyte


4 Mbyte

Radio Frequency Type




Frequency Band


Transmission Power

Up to 200mW (software provisionable)

Transmission Rate

108(Turbo mode)/54/48/36/24/18/12/9/6Mbps auto fallback

Access Point Interfaces

Auto sensing MDI/ MDI-X Etherent 10/100 Base-TX; RJ-45


6Mbps: -88dBm; 9Mbps: -87dBm; 12Mbps: -86dBm; 18Mbps: -84dBm;
24Mbps: -81dBm; 36Mbps: -76dBm; 48Mbps: -72dBm;
54Mbps: -68dBm; 108Mbps: -64dBm

Antenna Type

External high gain antenna

Security Systems

64-bit/128-bit/152-bit WEP encryption

Wireless Setting

Operation Mode - Wireless Bridge PtP and PtMP
Wireless Mode - 11a/ Turbo A


Support DFS and TPC
SNMP network management interface
Windows "IpDiscover" program to help find IP
Web-based configuration via popular browser (MS IE, Netscape…)
Firmware upgrade and configuration backup via Web

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature: -30 ~ +70°C


DC 48 V ± 5%; 1.37A (Max.); AC adapter 100V ~ 240V

Regulatory Approval

FCC Part 15 B (US); CE

Network Management
System OS Support

Windows 2000/XP


One year limited
Standard Accessories
25M FTP Cable
1.5M Cable
DC Injector
Switch Adaptor & Power cord
Bracket Kit

ALINK 5801a - 5GHz 11a Wireless Radio Outdoor Bridge System
Standard: IEEE 802.11a
Operation Mode: Bridge only (max: 1 Master to 16 Slaves)
Turbo A Function to 108Mbps
Operation Temperature: -30 ~ 70 Celsius degree
Accessories: CAT5 25m Cable, CFD200 1.5m N(M)-N(M)RP Wire,
DC Injector, 48V 1.37A Power Adaptor, Crossover Wire
Output Power: 200mW
Range up to 20km

Price Fob Taipei Taiwan : 730 USD

User maual

Alcon Alink-5801 is in production since 2005. used for telecom carrier company as backhaul links. In shortly period this model become famous as professional device for stable connection and heavy duty operation. Work even in extreme climates such as Mongolia where Mongolia Telecoms uses in low temperature -20 and it also working in Middle east desert area with up to 60 degrees temperatures during the day. Ideal for Point to point applications or point to multi-point in range up to 20km. Data speed for Alink 5801a with 23 dbi panel antennas is : 24Mbps for 1~2km, 20Mbps for 5km, 15Mbps for 10km, 8~10Mbps for 15km, 6Mbps for 17km, 3~4Mbps for 20km, 1~2Mbps for up to 25km As example for wireless video surveillance systems approximate you will need 3~4Mbps for each Camera The ALINK-5801a is ideal for deployment in office buildings, for telecoms use, wireless video transfers, farms, ranches, resorts, hotels, and campus environments. We can highly recommend this reliable professional outdoor unit with CE, FCC and UAE’s TRA approvals.

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