AN51818A1 - 5GHz 18dBi Flat Panel Antenna



Electrical Properties

Frequency Range

5100-5900 MHz


50 OHMS ± 5 Ω


1 : 1.5Max


18 dBi

Power Handing

10W Max



Beamwidth deg.

Horz. 20°
Vert . 10°

Mechanical Properties




1000 g ± 10g

Radome Color


Radome Material

PC and ABS

Size L270 * W205 * H15 (mm)


AN51818A1 - 5GHz 18dBi Flat Panel Antenna
5GHz 18dBi Flat Panel Antenna

Beamwidth deg. : Horz. 20°
                             Vert. 10°

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